Adapta Sign

Established in 1976

About the Company

Back in 1976 my dad had a dream to move from England to Calgary to start his own Business. Back then it was called Adapta Planning Systems. He specialized in planning and scheduling systems providing many business with his expertise and knowledge. Over the years we pivoted with the times  and started doing silkscreening, signs and branching out to fabricating molded plastic signs for Taxi Cab roofs. He is unfortunatly no longer with us but he would be amazed how far technology has come. A squegee and smely inks of silkscreening have been replaced with huge digital printers that can print full colour pictures with the click of a button.

Today we are shipping Roof Signs all over North America and offer our customers a wide range of signs, Vehicle Wraps, Vehicle Graphics and digital printing i.e decals and banners. We still strive to meet the attention to detail and quality instilled in me all those years ago by my dad.


Signs come in many different forms. Sandwich Boards to Banners, Large format Printed Decals to small Bumper decals. We can do it all 


Vehicle graphics & Wraps

Thousands of people see your vehicles everyday, its a great cost effective way of promoting your business.

Taxi Cab Roof Signs

Lots of styles to choose from or we can custom design to match your currant style